Committee members for the 13th European Nutrition Conference (FENS 2019) are listed below:



Member Affiliation
Prof. Philip Calder Co-Chair FENS 2019 President of The Nutrition Society; University of Southampton
Prof. Helene McNulty Co-Chair FENS 2019 Ulster University
Mr. Mark Hollingsworth – Secretary FENS 2019 The Nutrition Society Chief Executive Officer
Prof. Heiner Boeing FENS President / German Institute of Human Nutrition
Prof. Hannelore Daniel Technical University of Munich
Prof. Alison Gallagher Ulster University
Dr. Eileen Gibney University College Dublin
Prof. Mike Gibney University College Dublin
Prof. Ian Macdonald FENS Treasurer / University of Nottingham
Prof. Ascensión Marcos Sánchez FENS Vice-president / Spanish National Research Council
  Prof. Sean Strain Ulster University
Dr. Ben van Ommen TNO
Prof. Wim Saris Maastricht University


Member Affiliation
Dr. Eileen Gibney – Chair University College Dublin
Prof. Lorraine Brennan Secretary of The Nutrition Society Irish Section / University College Dublin
Prof. Alison Gallagher Ulster University
Mrs. Danielle Guildford The Nutrition Society Communications Manager
Prof. Maria O’Sullivan Trinity College Dublin
Prof. Andrew Salter The Nutrition Society Honorary Science Officer / University of Nottingham
Prof. Mary Ward University Ulster
Prof. Jayne Woodside Chair of The Nutrition Society Irish Section / Queens University Belfast
Dr. Kate Younger Dublin Institute of Technology


Member Affiliation
Prof. Alison Gallagher – Chair Ulster University
Prof. Stefaan de Henauw – Co-Chair FENS Secretary / Ghent University, Belgium
Dr Janice E. Drew University of Aberdeen
Dr. Paul Amuna University of Greenwich, UK
Dr. Joline Beulens VU Medical Center, The Netherlands
Prof. Heiner Boeing German Institute of Human Nutrition, Germany
Prof. Furio Brighenti University of Parma, Italy
Prof. Susanne Bügel University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Prof. Patsy Brannon Cornell University, USA
Dr. Bernard Corfe The Nutrition Society Programmes Secretary / University of Sheffield, UK
Prof. Nathalie Delzenne Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
Prof. Jacques Delarue University of Brest, France
Prof. Albert Flynn University College Cork, Ireland
Prof. Mikael Fogelholm University of Helsinki, Finland
Prof. Bruce Griffin University of Surrey, UK
Dr. Jadwiga Hamulka Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland
Prof. Alfredo Martinez University of Navarra, Spain
Prof. Harry J McArdle University of Aberdeen, UK
Prof. Androniki  Naska University of Athens, Greece
Prof. Inga Þórsdóttir University of Iceland, Iceland
Dr. Carla Prado University of Alberta, Canada
Prof. Helen Roche University College Dublin, Ireland
Prof. Andrew Salter University of Nottingham, UK
Prof. Sladjana Sobajić University of Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. Paul Trayhurn Universities of Liverpool, Buckingham and Highlands & Islands, UK
Prof. Ailsa Welch University of East Anglia, UK