FENS 2019 Scientific Programme

FENS 2019 Scientific Programme

It is quite remarkable to think that the Nutrition Society will host the 13th European Nutrition Conference, Federation of European Nutrition Societies (FENS) conference in under 40 weeks’ time; time certainly passes quickly in the Society when you have the largest nutritional science conference in Europe to organise!

The last 12 months have been a particularly busy time for the FENS Science Committee, with the task of developing the scientific programme.  The plenary lecture speakers are now confirmed, with the final speaker confirming recently to present a ‘breaking development’ topic. We are delighted to announce that this final plenary lecture speaker will be Professor Christian Wolfrom, ETH Zurich University and he will present on ‘Epigenetic Reprogramming regulating Adipose Tissue Plasticity and Function’, completing the plenary lectures. The Science Committee’s aim is for delegates to leave with knowledge on ground-breaking research; we hope you will agree that this lecture will do just that.

The Science Committee was also tasked with populating 12 symposia, addressing in turn, a specific theme and strand of the conference topic, ‘Malnutrition in an obese world: European perspectives’. This has been a particularly poignant process as Co-Chairs of the Committee, in recognising the array of expertise of the Committee. Resultantly, we are delighted to announce the following 12 core symposia. View the programme for further information.

  • Parental nutrition, epigenetic and metabolic disease susceptibility
  • Emotional eating: pathways underpinning obesity
  • The role of “big data” in nutrition research
  • Metabolic ‘Obesity’: definitions, measurement and dietary determinants
  • Novel approaches to measure dietary assessment
  • Role of brown adipose tissue in energetics and metabolic homeostasis
  • Molecular mechanisms underpinning sarcopenic obesity
  • Chrononutrition: the evidence for why ‘you are when you eat’
  • Does biofortification of crops work as a way of improving micronutrient status in poor populations?
  • Ultra-processed food – potential health impacts
  • Innovative tools and targets to control obesity and related metabolic disorders
  • Malnutrition, obesity and climate change: Is there a link?

In addition to these pillars of the programme, 54 sponsored sessions and 19 industry sessions have been approved to date. In short, the programme has developed considerably in recent months! At the time of publishing this blog, we are confident that the programme will be full of exciting sessions, each with speakers at the forefront of nutritional science.

You should also be aware that the call for abstracts is now open, with the close of submission scheduled for 5 April 2019.  This is a fantastic opportunity for you to be a part of the science delivered over the four days, and if accepted, your abstract will be published in Proceedings of the Nutrition Society (PNS).

For the FENS Science Committee, it has been a busy period, and with the unwavering support of the Executive Committee throughout, it is now a time in which the Local Organising Committee will be at the forefront of preparations for delivering FENS 2019. We hope that many of you are there in Dublin 15-19 October 2019 to witness the collective efforts of these committee’s coming together in presenting to you, FENS 2019!

Professor Alison Gallagher & Professor Stefaan De Henauw

Co-Chairs, FENS 2019 Science Committee