Sponsored Commercial Sessions

FENS 2019 welcome industry groups to propose sessions at the 2019 Conference.

Session TitleOrganiser Click logo for more
Understanding and Managing Satiety: processes and opportunitiesThe Almond Board of California
Plant-based Snacking: Research & Practical Applications of Pistachios for Health BenefitsAmerican Pistachio Growers
Blood sugar management and beyond: What’s new in slow release carbohydrates and prebiotic fibres?Beneo Institute
Credibility vs. Clickbait: Communicating Nutrition Research to the PublicEat Well Global
Beyond nutrients: Health Effects of the Dairy MatrixEuropean Milk Forum
Is there a role for supplementation to address nutritional inadequacies and reducing disease risk?Food Supplements Europe
Is fruit juice just another sugary drink?Fruit Juice Matters
Calories that Count: Encouraging Nutrient Dense Foods to Build Healthy Dietary Patterns General Mills Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition

Combatting Obesity Through Lifestyle ChangesHerbalife Nutrition
Coffee and metabolic syndrome – some good news?The Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee
Nuts & Health: New Insights into Diabetes, Obesity and Gut MicrobiotaINC INTERNATIONAL NUT AND DRIED FRUIT COUNCIL
Aspects of Calorie Reduction: Bringing Nutrition, Sensory & Behavioural Science TogetherKerry Health and Nutrition Institute
Fermented dairy’s role in a healthy, affordable diet: from evidence to market placeNational Dairy Council - USA
Using consumer insight to drive healthier snacking behaviours pladis
The Power of Oats: Beyond Cholesterol-LoweringQuaker
The international Breakfast Research Initiative: Towards objectively derived nutrient recommendations for breakfastCereal Partners Worldwide
Expert Consensus statements on MVM supplements and management in the overweight and obesePfizer Consumer Healthcare
Resistant starch and slowly digestible starch: clinical data and health claims to promote better nutritionIngredion