A number of pre-conference sessions/workshops will take place before the FENS 2019 programme commences. Details are below and participation is arranged directly with each individual convener and not the conference office.

Invitational Workshop:
Robust nutrition sciences: Regaining trust and restoring relevance

DATE: Monday 14th October
TIME: 1000 – 1700hr
VENUE: Convention Centre Dublin, Level 2, Wicklow Hall 2

In the midst of increasing societal challenges, the nutrition sciences are faced with a loss of public credibility and a need for innovative methodologies. This workshop will interactively explore how the nutrition sciences can regain the trust of the public and restore the discipline’s former relevance for pressing health issues. It addresses, for instance, the challenges of healthy and sustainable diets,  and the scientific need to develop a common basis for transdisciplinary research. The event builds on the analyses and projects of the Dutch Foundation Nutrition in Transition,  the Food Nutrition and Health Research Infrastructure FNH-RI, and FENS working groups.  Time: 10 AM – 5 PM. Workshop participants will:

  1. Discuss which science domains are crucial for researching food, nutrition, and health, and their societal contexts
  2. Reconsider concepts like ‘health’, ‘proof’, ‘causality’, and the need for a shared ontology for nutrition sciences
  3. Find ways to extend classic research methods towards innovative approaches for key societal challenges
  4. Discuss scientific-societal co-creation pathways to achieve societal benefit and restore public trust

A primary analysis of the event will be presented during the conference in the following days. Workshop results will be published in the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society. Workshop outcomes will provide the initiating input for the new FENS working group ‘Standards in Nutrition Sciences’.

The workshop is organized by
Edith Feskens and Jan de Vries (co-chairs Foundation Nutrition in Transition)
Philip Calder (co-chair FENS Conference Dublin 2019)
Pieter van’t Veer (Food Nutrition and Health Research Infrastructure, FNH-RI)

ATTENDANCE: If you would like to contribute to this invitational workshop and have not received a personal invitation yet, please contact the chair of Nutrition in Transition: voorzitter@nutritionintransition.nl.  Participation is free of charge. Catering and drinks are included.

For more information, click here to visit their information website



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