Travel Bursaries

We are delighted to announce that a range of travel bursaries from supporting organisations will be provided for delegates attending the 13th European Nutrition Conference 2019 | FENS 2019.

FENS 2019 Conference Bursary offered by the Nutrition Society

To assist Nutrition Society members with attending the FENS 2019 Conference in October, an expansion of the Society’s annual Conference Grant programme is available.

The qualifying conditions for a FENS 2019 Conference Bursary will be:

  • Applicants must have been members of the Nutrition Society for at least the past two consecutive years. 
  • Applicants must still be members when applying for the bursary and when they are due to travel to the conference.
  • Applicants who have applied for Nutrition Society conference grants previously, but were unsuccessful, may apply again.
  • The decision to award a FENS 2019 conference bursary is discretionary.

The FENS 2019 Conference Bursary are reserved for any members of the Society who are undergraduates doing their first degree, MSc students or PhD students and those in the very early stages of their careers i.e. within 10 years of higher degree graduation.

The funding will be offered to:

  • Applicants based in UK/Ireland up to £300
  • Applicants based in continental Europe up to £400
  • Applicants based outside continental Europe travel up to £600

Funding will be available on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis with priority being given to those who are presenting an oral and poster presentation during the Original Communication sessions. To read more and to apply, please visit the Nutrition Society’s website.