Initial list of confirmed Scientific Symposia:

Genetic, molecular, cellular

Metabolism, physiology

Epidemiology, population

Policy, practice, risk assessment, behaviour

THEME 1: Determinants and drivers across the lifecycle

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BFrom early-life events to the ageing brain: Impact of nutrition on health determinantsILSI Europe Nutrition & Mental Performance, Nutrition & Immunity and Early-Life Nutrition & Long-Term Health Task Forces
BObesity in the elderly: a new scientific and clinical challenge. BNS/SFN/DGE/NS
BCurrent Public Health Challenges Nutrition Innovation Centre for Food and Health (NICHE), Ulster University
C Lessons from Serbia: Obesity - From Risks to Therapy Serbian Nutrition Society
CLifestyles and Obesity in EuropeSociedad Espanola de Nutricion (Sen) Spanish Nutrition Society
CLeadership in global food strategies to curb multiple burdens of malnutrition European Nutrition Leadership Platform (ENLP)
CNutritional care in health and disease- experiences in IrelandHealth Service Executive
CFrom Lifespan to Healthspan: The Role of Nutrition in Healthy AgeingCouncil for Responsible Nutrition-International (CRN-I)
CNutritional epidemiological studies in Romania The Nutrition Society of Romania
DWhat advice does the public believe? – Challenges for researchers, policy makers and practitioners. safefood
DThe PROMISS Project – Prevention of Malnutrition in Senior Subjects PROMISS Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
DFrom new products to interventions. Strategy of the German Competence Clusters in Nutrition ResearchDeutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung e.V. (DGE)
DLow calorie sweeteners in the human diet: Scientific evidence and recommendations about their use and benefitsInternational Sweeteners Association (ISA)
DInternational Capacity Building on Public Health and Personalized Nutrition IUNS
DHealthy Ireland's Obesity Policy and Action Plan- Early Years Nutrition Actions.Healthy Ireland - Government of Ireland
DFBDGs & people: is communication the missing link?EUFIC– European Food Information Council
DEmotional eating: pathways underpinning obesityFENS 2019 Scientific Committee

THEME 2: Assessment and novel technologies

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AThe role of “big data” in nutrition researchFENS 2019 Scientific Committee
AThe Nutrigenomics Journey- are we there yet? NuGo- the Nutrigenomics Organisation
BMetabolic ‘Obesity’: Definitions, measurement and dietary determinantsFENS 2019 Scientific Committee
BStable isotope techniques for accurate nutrition assessmentInternational Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
CNovel approaches to measure dietary assessmentsFENS 2019 Scientific Committee
CNew methodologies for food intake and dietary exposure assessmentILSI Europe Dietary Intake & Exposure and Dietary Carbohydrates Task Forces
CThe DIOGENES project; 2.0 : A system biology approach.Maastricht University
CFatty Acid Metabolism – Interlinking Diet with Cardiometabolic HealthFAME Consortium
CValidating novel biomarkers of dietary exposure to Riboflavin and Polyphenols and associated health impacts: Transnational DERiVE and VALID projectsThe School of Advanced Studies in Food and Nutrition, University of Parma / NICHE Ulster
D Nutrition Sciences beyond reductionismDutch Academy of Nutrition Sciences
DThe eNutrition Academy: Global Online Learning, supporting a new generation of Nutritional ScientistsThe eNutrition Academy
DStrategies to tackle obesity: different visions from diverse Spanish Nutrition Societies.Federation of Spanish Societies of Nutrition, Food and Dietetics (FESNAD)
DConsumer behaviour and nutritional health: contributions from the Food, Nutrition and Health research InfrastructureFood Nutrition and Health RI, EU-consortium led by Wageningen University and Research

THEME 3: Current metabolic perspectives

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ARole of brown adipose tissue in energetics and metabolic homeostasisFENS 2019 Scientific Committee
AUnlocking the potential of the microbiomeILSI Europe Health Benefits Assessment of Foods Task Force
BSarcopenic obesity: metabolism & mechanismsFENS 2019 Scientific Committee
BOmega-3 fatty acids: from lab to clinicUniversity of Brest and University of Southampton
BAn update on ILSI’s Europe activities on Glycaemic Exposure: from the population without diabetes to Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.ILSI Europe Obesity & Diabetes, Early-Life Nutrition & Long-Term Health and Dietary Carbohydrates Task Forces
BAn Update on the Beneficial Health Impact of Specific Dietary Fatty AcidsILSI Europe Nutrient Intake Optimisation, Early-Life Nutrition & Long-Term Health and Qualitative Fat Intake Task Forces
BFiberTAG project : how to deal with dietary fiber in the context of obesityUniversité catholique de Louvain
BMalnutrition after weight loss in health and diseaseIrSPEN – Irish Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism
BBalancing the correct nutrient intake: an extra challenge in the obese worldItalian Society of Human Nutrition (SINU)
CVitamin D: new insights from physiology to clinical practiceSociedad Española de Nutrición (SEÑ)/ Spanish Nutrition Society
CDietary imbalances as risk factors for brain diseasesFrench Nutrition Society SFN
DChrononutrition: the evidence for why ‘You are when you eat.’FENS 2019 Scientific Committee
DNational Institute of Health Research (NIHR) ShowcaseNIHR Diet and Activity Research Translation (DART)

THEME 4: The food environment

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ADoes biofortification of crops work as a way of improving micronutrient status in poor populations?FENS 2019 Scientific Committee
BImproving diet quality with whole grain and cereal fibresHealth Grain Forum
BThe importance of sensory properties, including umami and kokumi substances, to promote healthy dietary patterns.International Glutamate Information Service (IGIS)
BFood-Based approach and physical activity to improve nutrition and health in the elderlyAustrian Nutrition Society
BThe Way to Nordic Sustainable NutritionThe Icelandic Food and Nutrition Society
CUltra-processed food – potential health impactsFENS 2019 Scientific Committee
CNordic diet and healthThe Finnish Society for Nutrition Research
CNutrient profiling to improve population nutrition policy in Europe: Progress and future directionsThe Belgian Nutrition Society
CCan yogurt address malnutrition?Yogurt in Nutrition – Initiative for a Balanced Diet
CTransforming food systems: the potential and challenges for small and medium size food businesses Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)
CBioactives for human healthNutrition Society (NS), Korean Nutrition Society (KNS) and the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition (KFN)
DHow can we keep our diet within the planetary boundaries?Alpro Foundation
DNutrition communication in Europe: best practices, challenges and synergiesEuropean Public Health Nutrition Alliance - EPHNA
DUnderstanding Consumer Choice Drivers to Achieve Sustainable Food and Nutrition SecurityILSI Europe's Consumer Behaviour Determinants Task Force
DThe school food environment: opportunities to improve eating behavioursQueen's University Belfast
DBalanced Nutrition Education Programme in Primary Schools: Lessons Learned in Turkey Sabri Ülker Food Research Foundation
DEFSA’s recent activities in the area of nutritionEuropean Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
DImproving the global diet – the role of biofortificationBritish Nutrition Foundation and British Dietetics Association (BNF/BDA)
DDoes moderate beer consumption fit in a healthy diet?The Beer and Health Initiative
DUK sugar reduction journey: science to policyPublic Health England
D Elderly Nutrition and Nutritional Health Care during Natural DisastersJapan Society of Nutrition and Food Science, Japanese Society for Amino Acid Sciences & International Council on Amino Acid Science

THEME 5: Hot topics

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APersonalised Nutrition for HealthUCD Institute of Food Health
BInnovative tools and targets to control obesity and related metabolic disordersFENS 2019 Scientific Committee
BDiet-Microbiota Interactions in Human Health (And Disease)Gut Microbiota For Health
CNutrition and musculoskeletal ageing: from mechanisms to public health interventions CIMA - Centre for Integrated research into Musculoskeletal Ageing
DMalnutrition, obesity and climate change: Is there a link?FENS 2019 Scientific Committee
DMicronutrients and Pregnancy in Overweight and obese Women American Society for Nutrition
DWhere does Nutrition fit in transdisciplinary Global Challenges Research?
An interactive session for Early Stage Researchers
United Kingdom, Research and Innovation (UKRI), Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Fund (BBSRC)
DProfessional challenges in the field of nutrition in South Eastern European Countries - Croatian Association of Nutritionists in collaboration with the Eastern European CountriesBulgarian Scientific Society of Nutrition and Dietetics / Croatian Association of Nutritionists / Macedonian Society for Nutrition and Health / Montenegrin Food and Nutrition Society
DHealthy nitrogen-smart diets – insights from looking at challenges to both the N-cycle and health for the promotion of sustainable diets European Commission Joint Research Centre

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