Late Breaking Abstracts submission is now closed. 

The FENS 2019 Science Committee is delighted to announce that the opportunity to submit Late-breaking abstracts for the FENS 2019 conference will open between 24 June – 30 June.

Late-breaking abstracts are those abstracts describing important research advances and work which was unable to be submitted in time for the FENS 2019 general abstract deadline. The opportunity to submit late-breaking abstracts recognizes that the results of some research may not have previously been available. The call for late-breaking abstract submissions that highlight novel and substantive studies of high impact will also ensure that the FENS 2019 programme is further enhanced with outstanding studies describing up-to-date research.

If the research abstract is accepted, authors will be invited to present their research as a poster presentation during the conference programme. Abstracts of outstanding quality or describing highly innovative research will be invited for oral presentations alongside internationally renowned plenary speakers. Authors will also have the opportunity to have their abstract considered for publication in the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society (PNS).

Late-breaking abstracts submission- Important Information for Authors

  • Abstracts are submitted via an online submission system. Please register with the abstract submission website and establish your user name and password.
  • If you are submitting more than one abstract you must use the same login for each abstract.
  • Abstracts previously submitted cannot be updated with new data
  • The maximum length of an abstract is 400 words. Please ensure that research findings are described to a level sufficient for reviewers to make an informed decision on scientific quality. Abstracts that fail to meet these criteria will be rejected.
  • Do not include author names in the title or body of your abstract – these are entered online during the submission process.
  • Abstracts will be reviewed and any abstract that was submitted for oral presentation, but was unsuccessful in that regard, will be considered for poster presentation.
  • Each author may present a maximum of two presentations, either oral or poster, at the Conference.
  • Please note that at least one author must register in full to attend and present the abstract at the Conference, with the presenting author registered by 30th August 2019.

Submission Process

Submitting an abstract is a 3-step process. We strongly recommend that you complete your submission at one time.

Step 1: Register on the system

  • We are using a dedicated website for abstract submission and you must first register on the system.

Step 2: Submit your abstract

  • Submitting an abstract requires that you complete a questionnaire for each abstract. Some questions are mandatory (marked with an asterisk) and you will not be able to complete your submission until these questions have been answered. You will be required to provide the names and affiliations of all authors, confirmation that all authors have approved the submission and the conference theme and strand to which you are submitting your abstract. Please also indicate whether you wish your abstract to be considered for oral presentation.
  • The maximum length for an abstract is 400 words and it should include the following content: introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion. Please ensure that research findings are described to a level sufficient for reviewers to make an informed decision on scientific quality. Authors are also responsible for ensuring that the abstract is free of typographical errors, mistakes in grammar, style and spelling. Abstracts that do not meet these criteria may be rejected.
  • As part of the submission process, you must also indicate if there are any commercial interests and associations that may pose a conflict of interest. Additionally, you must confirm your willingness to allow your abstract, if accepted, to be listed in the conference programme. It may also be published in Proceedings of the Nutrition Society subject to selection by the Scientific Committee.
  • It is strongly recommended that you complete your submission once started. However, if you decide to start your submission for completion at a later point, you must ensure to “Submit” your incomplete abstract. It will then be available for you to finish at a later stage. Failure to “Submit” your incomplete abstract will result in it being lost and you will have to start again.

Step 3: Confirmation e-mail

  • You will receive an e-mail confirming that your submission has been received. The subject of the mail will indicate if your submission is complete or incomplete. An incomplete submission may have an answer that is unfinished or you may have exceeded the word limit for the abstractIncomplete submissions will not go for review.You must log back into the submission system, click on the title of the abstract and complete it. Once complete you will receive the confirmation e-mail.

Conference Themes and Strands

Authors are welcome to submit under the following conference Themes and Strands:

Theme 1: Determinants and drivers across the lifecycle
Theme 2: Assessment and novel technologies
Theme 3: Current metabolic perspectives
Theme 4: The food environment
Theme 5: Hot topics/emerging issues

Each theme has 4 potential strands associated with it.

Strand A: Genetic, molecular, cellular
Strand B: Metabolism, physiology
Strand C: Epidemiology, population
Strand D: Policy, practice, risk assessment, behaviour

Should your abstract not fit within any strand, please select ‘Other’.

Any questions relating to abstract submissions should be sent to